Monday, June 1, 2020

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We are a 5th generation family owned and operated diversified ranch. we are located in the valley 10km from Sun Peaks Ski Resort on Tod Mountain. Ranching has been a way of life for our family and forefathers for the past 100+ years

In the summer our cattle graze on the mountains around Sun Peaks and for the winter they are fed in the valley bottom returning nutrients to the soil. Our sheep remain on the fields near the ranch buildings with our guardian dogs on duty keeping predators away. Our pigs cultivate areas around the ranch and farrow in our open sheltered barn. The Chickens are housed at night to keep them safe from predators and roam during the day. Our Goats will be working on weed control and moved around our ranch and hill side areas.

Our animals are raised with out growth hormones or antibiotics. We have completed the British Columbia Environmental Farm Plan, are Verified Beef Production Certified and are enrolled in the Canadian on farm Food Safe Program for Sheep.

We are members of the BC Cattlemen's Association, BC Sheep Breeders Association, BC Livestock Producers Co-Operative, Thompson Shuswap Farm to Chef Collaborative, North Thompson Fall Fair & Rodeo Association and past 4-H members.

Our Gain Fed Beef and Lamb
     This is the meat that most people are accustomed to in taste and texture. The fat is white in colour and there is more marbling content in the meat which gives it lots of flavour. Animals are raised on local vegetation and hay or silage and then finished with the addition of some grain to their diet for the last 60 to 100 days

Our Grass fed Beef and Lamb and Goats
     Grass fed provides an excellent source of protein. zinc, Vitamin B12 and iron as well as the added benefit of omega 3 acids.  The fat is slightly more yellow and the meat is rich in flavour and nutrients from their natural environment. The lean meat is great for making sausage, jerkey etc. Grass Fed Beef or Lamb makes flavourful hamburgers and has the popular economy tenderloin. The key to cooking grass fed is cook it slow and at a lower temp.

Our Berkshire Pork
     This is a heritage breed. they are known for the marbling of their meat. This shows when it is cooked as the meat retains juice and does not dry out as much. Our pork is fed hay or silage and grain. They farrow in pens in an open barn. When they are not raising their young the sows graze and cultivate areas around the ranch.

We also offer roasting chickens and farm fresh eggs, wool and woolen products.

Think local, nutritious food, know the face that produces your food. This relationship is based on trust, communication and understanding. Basically we believe we are the customers extended family.

To Your Family from Ours.